Yougov_7A YouGov poll for today’s Telegraph puts the British National Party at 7%.  The Joseph Rowntree Survey clearly discovered something real and all of the publicity the BNP received as a result of that survey (and from Margaret Hodge’s remarks) has helped propel the BNP to this level of political support.  There must be a real danger that this poll may give the BNP the same kind of momentum that similar polls gave UKIP ahead of 2004’s European Elections.  Anthony Wells agrees.  This is what he says on his blog:

"This poll will probably result in another bout of media coverage for the BNP reinforcing their poll boost in the same way that UKIP rode a wave of publicity at the last European elections. It may well last until the local elections at the beginning of next month and see more BNP councillors elected. Is it anymore significant than that? Probably not. Once the publicity has faded away people will once again forget about the BNP and their support will fade away again into the fractions of percentage points they normally register, in much the same way that UKIP’s support gradually ebbed away again after the European elections."

The poll is nonetheless very bad news for David Cameron.  Down to 33%, the strategy of wooing Curtisland and ignoring the striving classes looks increasingly questionable.  No other successful conservative party in the world has so neglected the issues that matter to its core supporters.  If you are reading this blog, Mr Cameron, please click here and please broaden your agenda.