Iain Dale has a very good April Fool on his blog about foreign loans to the Tories.

Chrismartin372The Guardian reports that Coldplay’s Chris Martin has decided to rock for David Cameron…

"In a coup for the Conservatives, the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, has declared his backing for David Cameron, releasing a song that the party hopes will become the Tory answer to Labour’s 1997 anthem, Things Can Only Get Better… It was Mr Cameron’s idea to release the single – a new version of the hit song Talk, retitled Talk to David – exclusively via podcast… Mr Cameron also revealed that he is in talks with Gervais about the production of a pro-Tory TV series, provisionally entitled The Central Office."

Listen to ‘Talk to David’ here

The Daily Mail’s ‘red Downing Street’ April Fool will raise a few laughs, too:Reddowningst

The Telegraph reviews all of the April Fools in the newspapers here.

On the web, ThinkGeek offers a USB Desktop Tanning Center and Wireless Extension Cords!

Or how about TVPrediction’s revelation that "High-Definition TV, which delivers a picture up to six times clearer than regular television, is causing a sensation in Hollywood. For the first time, in high-def, viewers can see the stars as they look in real life, including their facial flaws and acne scars."