In the Guardian/ ICM poll, published today, only 20% agreed that public money should be used to finance political
parties.  A whopping 77% thought it should not.

Yesterday, from the Electoral Commission, we learnt what the political parties spent their donors’ money on.  Here is my colour-coded top ten of ‘General Election expenses’ which explain why voters don’t trust politicians with their money…

  1. Cherie’s £7,700 hair bill;
  2. Alastair Campbell’s £47,000 consultancy bill (remember how AC had to leave Downing Street in 2003 after disgracing his office?);
  3. £100,000 to convert a bus into the Prescott Express;
  4. £299 on Star Trek suits (to ridicule Vulcan Man John Redwood);
  5. £441,000 from the Tories for the Crosby-Textor firm of Lynton Crosby;
  6. £3,500 for groundhog costumes for Tory workers to dress up in outside Labour’s ‘stuck-in-the-past’ HQ;
  7. £6,000 to run a ‘Value for Money’ press conference (my favourite!);
  8. £3,638.35 on make-up for Michael Howard… and a little under £1,900 on make-up for Charles Kennedy;
  9. £350 on hand-made shirts for Charles Kennedy and another £4,800 on five suits.
  10. A £20+ bar bill at an Exeter hotel.