We’ve had "the family photos, the dolphin tattooed on his wife’s ankle, the paternity leave, the cycling, the vegetable growing, the trendy trainers".  So says Andrew Rawnsley in this morning’s Observer.  We’ve also had the celebrity policy launches with Zac Goldsmith, Bob Geldof and Kirstie Allsop.  All this has produced a modest opinion poll advance but what does David Cameron have left in the locker?  Andrew Rawnsley:

"It may make sense not to announce very much policy too early. But it does present him with the problem of running out of things to say over the next 18 months. It is not at all clear how he is going to achieve the next leap forward in Conservative support. If he can deliver more progress to them, the Tory party will follow him just about anywhere he wants to go. If this is good as it gets, the rumblings of dissent will swell into snarls of discontent."

Defector_1One answer to Andrew Rawnsley’s question may be coming in the shape of a looming Labour defection.  That’s the speculation in today’s Mail on Sunday.  A "former parliamentary candidate "who has become disaffected with New Labour" may cross the floor this week and "has been promised a safe Tory seat in return".

At the end of January a LibDem parliamentary candidate, Adrian Graves, defected to the Tories.


Throughout this week ConservativeHome will be analysing David Cameron’s first 100 days.  That daily analysis begins today with Peter Franklin welcoming the new Tory leader’s emphasis on green issues.

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