SundayexpressAn ICM poll for this morning’s Sunday Express (not online) has some interesting findings.  Voters are unimpressed with Labour’s record:

  • 35% of voters think the NHS has got worse since Labour was elected as against 24% who think it has improved.  35% think things have "stayed the same".  41% agree that Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt should be sacked.  40% disagree.

There were then a number of questions on NHS reform:

  • Salary increases have absorbed much of Labour’s extra NHS spending.
    Only a third of respondents thought people were paid too much,
    however.  50% thought NHS staff were paid about the right amount.
    There is little support (9%) for higher NHS salaries.
  • Asked how the current £800m debt crisis  might be resolved, 41% were open to charging patients for some NHS services.
  • By 52% to 45% respondents agreed Britain should move towards a European style system "where everyone takes out health insurance and the Government tops up payments for people who can’t afford the premiums".  David Cameron has ruled out the introduction of such a system.

Reacting to the survey Andrew Lansley told The Sunday Express: "It is tragic that so few people are seeing improvements after such an unprecendented increase in healthcare spending.  NHS staff, as well as patients, have been let down by the Government which has failed to use those resources efficiently and not combined investment with reform."

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