Memberspanel_2_1_3The Members Panel received almost a thousand comments in total – a goldmine of anonymous opinions – a pdf of which which you can now download here.

This is the final sample of comments, exploring the issues of the Conservative party’s relationship with both the EU and EPP.

1. It is absolutely vital that the MEPs remain
within the EPP-ED Group, otherwise they will forfeit not only their influence
(chairmanships etc) and funding, but also their relatively high standing in the
Parliament, especially if they are drawn into any form of alliance with the
extreme Right members in any way. This will at a stroke lose them respect,
power to change policies, and international goodwill, all of which are
necessary if the UK is to exert any
influence on decision-making in the EU.

2. Cameron is doing a great job and will be an
outstanding Leader and PM. I don’t think leaving the EPP will play well with
non-Conservative voters, and will confirm the impression that we are obsessed by
our Euroscepticism.

3. David Cameron HAS to deliver on the EPP or he
will lose all credibility. Forming our own grouping will be a fresh start for
us in Europe and will be very positive.

4. As usual; it is the EU which is the most
important aspect of our government, because it impacts on all others. It is
time that this situation was sorted out once and for all and it is time we
stopped any further integration measures without a clear mandate from the
British people. I personally do not wish to be an EU citizen and I do not wish
this country to remain a member of the union, I would like a political party to
stand on a clear platform of holding an open debate about out membership and
then to hold a referendum and then most importantly to accept the peoples
choice as expressed in that referendum. The other very important point is that
we have been dragged into the Union because politicians
have simply ignored our own constitution, this also needs addressing so that in
future the people we elect cannot overstep their mandate and remove our
sovereignty. We seriously need to redress the balance between the state and the
people which this present government has and is continuing to change in favour
of more state control over the people. I will remain sceptical about the
Conservative party, until I begin to see them seriously promoting measures to
correct the misuse of power that our elected governments have made over the
past several years, I would also like to see a clear stand against this
governments inroads into our civil liberties and its attempts to dismantle the
British Constitution.

5. On the issue of the EU, Cameron should take up
the Davis stance and offer referenda on the issue, for too long we have allowed
ourselves to be controlled from and by the EU, the time has come to change

6. Above all Mr. Cameron must reconnect with and
regain the votes of the 5,000,000 Conservatives lost since the Maastricht
Treaty was forced through on a spurious vote of no confidence, against all
these voters’ wishes. What has happened to the promise to renegotiate the
return of our competence over fisheries, overseas aid and the rest? Of course
for our renegotiation to have any force we must make it clear that we are
prepared to repeal ECA72. This would be a start.

7. Keep to the policy of ‘in Europe, but not run by Europe’.

8. Conservative MEPs should remain members of the
EPP / ED group in the European Parliament, it is in both our Party’s and the
national interest to work with, not in isolation from, the main centre right
parties in Europe. Credible alternative options do not exist.
Why on earth did David re-open this issue, it will be divisive and will
undermine his attempts to reposition the Party in the eyes of the public.

9. To belong to the European Union has not held
any problems for me, but to delegate more powers to Brussel would not be desired
or changing our currency. We appear to be putting more effort and money in for
very little return.

10. DC has to understand that the reforming the EU
is simply not possible; there is no institutional mechanism to do so when many
countries remain fundamentally and enduringly opposed to

Britain’s vision. He must
give the country the chance to vote on a proposal for a new relationship with
the EU which involves free trade, full national democracy and friendly
co-operation with European countries, but in which we are outside the EU itself.

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