Memberspanel_2_1_4Today we have selected ten comments made regarding the Conservatives moving into the political centre ground.  Also see What kind of centrist are you, Mr Cameron?. Tomorrow we will publish every comment made to January’s survey.

1. There are those within the party that
are worried that we will lose votes to UKIP and the like. But there
is a larger pool of voters in the centre and that is where we have to
go. If we start to seriously look like removing Labour, those right-wingers
will vote for us in the end just to get Labour out.

2. Cameron is doing far too much to fit
in with the Guardian/BBC politically correct consensus, which is the
principal legacy of the Blair years. He should not be fitting in with
this consensus, he should be attacking it. Not taking the mythical centre
ground, but moving it.

3. If getting elected is the Party’s only
aim, then I suppose the new leader may have a point. However, in moving
ever closer to the centre ground there comes a point when one asks why
bother to vote for any party, as there is no real difference between

4. While I agree that it’s good Cameron
is moving us to the centre it is also healthy for there to be opposition,
occasionally successful, from the right. We don’t want to be ignored
as Blair has ignored the Labour Party for 10 years.

5. Cameron’s focus on helping the poor
is a must. This has to become the litmus test for all new Conservative
proposals. The Tories will always be on the right, but Cameron knows
that in order to become popular they have to appeal to people in the
‘centre’. This is essential if we are going to win back my generation
which was brought up to believe that the Tories were evil.

6. Although I did not support Cameron for
the leadership, I do believe that he has kept his word on modernising
the party. He is pushing the right buttons, but we still have much to
do in reclaiming the centre ground where we were so dominant for so
long. I’m glad to see we are no longer lurching to the right. Electoral
success means getting the policies thought out, the people singing from
the same hymn sheet and unity!

7. I am disappointed with where politics
is currently heading. This shift to the centre by all parties is unhealthy.
We should not be ashamed of, or deny the party’s traditional roots and
beliefs. We may be closer to a conservative victory now but it is not
a Conservative party I would be proud to be a member of.

8. Whilst I agree that a move to the centre
ground of British politics is the way the party should be going, I would
hate to see a total abandonment of core Conservative values. The centre
ground is certainly where elections are won, but the danger of appearing
too liberal will not, in my opinion, win support amongst grassroots
Tory party members such as myself. I have been a supporter of the party
for nearly 20 years now, and will remain Conservative through and through,
but I am slightly concerned as to the language the party is currently
talking and hope that we do not stray too far from where we have come
from. The direction is correct, it is the distance of travel that we
should be cautious about.

9. I find David Cameron to be a breath
of fresh air. He is exactly what the Conservatives need. No party ever
wins if they’re on the extremes. The centre ground is where the Conservatives
should be. As long as DC continues his progressive modernisation of
the Conservatives, I shall continue to support him.

10. Overall, DC has got off to a fantastic
start. Much of what he’s done has been absolutely essential, but i have
concerns about accepting so much of the NuLab policy settlement. While
I agree with focusing on issues such as the environment, health and
social justice, I would rather a ‘common ground’ approach to a ‘centre
ground’ one.

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