The Police are investigating the Labour party due to three complaints. As the BBC reports (hidden
under a seperate headline):

"The investigation will focus on alleged breaches of the
Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925, to see whether honours were
given by Labour in return for loans or donations. A spokeswoman confirmed that three complaints had been
received against the party, including one from Scottish National MP
Angus McNeil. Another was made by Elfyn Llwyd, parliamentary leader of
Plaid Cymru."

As Guido reported earlier, Angus McNeil had written a letter to Sir Ian Blair last week:

"The body of evidence in the Sunday Times
dossier is incredibly damning. With 80 pence in every £1 going donated
to the Labour party by individuals comes from people who have been
honoured. Every donor who has given the party more than £1 million has
been given a knighthood or a peerage."

The very fact that the police have reason to investigate is what will stick in the mind of voters. Before their election, the Canadian Liberal party was rocked by scandals thanks to the conservative netroots. The big one was the Income Trust Scandal, which broke online, in which the Mounties investigated and despite finding "no evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activity", irreparable damage was done to voter’s perceptions.

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