We already knew that a debt-laden Labour Party was having to sell property to meet its financial commitments… Today’s Telegraph Spy (not online but see right) suggests that the debt-laden Tories are also juggling the party’s property portfolio to deal with the party’s own financial difficulties.

David Cameron is still having to cope with the financial hangover from last year’s General Election and although membership has risen since he became leader there
has not been a spectacular inflow of big money.  The current
loans-for-peerages row is not going to make it more likely that big
donors will open up their cheque books.

The party’s current enthusiasm for additional state funding undoubtedly reflects this.  Accessing more money from the taxpayer seems an awful lot easier than building the sort of internet coalitions that could transform the funding of Britain’s political parties – and, at the same time, force them to reconnect with the concerns of ordinary voters.

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