A quick PMQs post this week because of the live blogging on The Budget…

David Cameron kicked off with two very Punch & Judy questions on whether Gordon Brown’s tenth Budget would be his last?  The PM non-answered by saying that whatever happened David Cameron would be staying on the Opposition benches.  David Cameron’s second set of questions focused on crime.  It was good to see the Tory leader offering some balance by raising a ‘core vote issue‘.  Over recent PMQs he has focused again and again on breadth issues like the environment, international development and education.  It’s good to maintain some ‘politics of and’ balance.  The Tory leader only used four of his six questions.

Perhaps embarassed by CCHQ’s own reluctance/ inability to reveal the source of Tory loans the Conservative leader steered clear of the issue of the week – loans for peerages.  It was left to Menzies Campbell to raise the issue.  Tony Blair pointed out that the LibDems had had their
own funding issues.

Question of the day came from Tory MP Stephen Crabb.  Why, he asked the PM, had Alan B’Stard defected from the Tories to Labour?  Another Welsh Tory MP – David Davies – followed up on David Cameron’s crime theme and asked about Labour’s discredited early release programme.

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