Churchill_rethinkThe mental charity Rethink has defended a controversial new statue of Winston Churchill (pictured right).  The statue, on display in Norwich, portrays Britain’s wartime leader in a straitjacket.  Sir Winston Churchill did suffer from periods of depression, which he called his ‘Black Dog’.  Of this ‘Black Dog’, Sue Chance MD has written:

""Black Dog" was Churchill’s name for his depression, and as is true with all metaphors, it speaks volumes. The nickname implies both familiarity and an attempt at mastery, because while that dog may sink his fangs into one’s person every now and then, he’s still, after all, only a dog, and he can be cajoled sometimes and locked up other times."

A spokeswoman for Rethink told The Sun that “Churchill was a great leader and this is an illustration of what people with mental illness can achieve.”

Grandson Nicholas Soames MP joined Theresa May in criticising the statue.  Mr Soames said:

“It’s not only insulting, it’s pathetic.  This is probably a good cause in search of publicity and they have let some idiot ruin their case.  It is grossly offensive to Sir Winston and his millions of admirers.”

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