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David Cameron tackled Blair on Health: "The NHS Chief Executive said last night that it was
going through a bad patch, do you agree with him?", he also noted that Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities had been set up and were now being phased out.  Cue robotic replies from Blair about increased funding. Cameron later asked what Blair thought the main obstacles were in using money
to help people affected by the east African drought, and if he would
raise the issue at the G6. Menzies Campbell returned to comfortable LibDem ground with questions on low carbon emissions…although he didn’t look very comfortable.

Best line: Cameron said that Blair would empathise with Sir Nigel Crisp wanting to get out of the NHS whilst he was still on the up.

Best joke and only cheer: Sir Peter Tapsell said that there was now no mortal reason to justify the folly in Iraq and the Prime Minister is relying on Divine guidance – which wasn’t in the dodgy dossier – which archangel was guiding him towards south Afghanistan? 

Best behaved person of the day: Blair came across quite well with a seemingly earnest tone throughout.

Missed topic of the day: The House was merciful to Ming. Jowellgate was avoided again – Tessa Jowell is said to have thanked Cameron after last week’s PMQs.

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