CrickpursuingcameronThe Times: "The Tories will today name the rich benefactors who secretly lent the party £20 million as Scotland Yard widened its inquiry into the alleged sale of political honours.  David Cameron, the Tory leader, bowed to mounting political pressure and agreed to a demand by the Electoral Commission for complete transparency."

The Independent: "Mr Cameron has been desperately trying to persuade the anonymous millionaires who lent the party large sums for the last election campaign led by Michael Howard to allow their names to be released."

BBCi: "One lender, who had been told the list would be out on Friday, said the names were all familiar existing and former donors.  "None of the names will cause the party the slightest embarrassment," he told BBC News."

The Guardian
: "According to Tory sources, Mr Cameron is asking many of those who lent cash to convert the money into donations to prevent the party’s balance sheet going deep into the red, making it difficult to attract new cash. The last Tory accounts show the party already had significant loans in 2004 and was not paying commercial rates on an average of £6.8m of loans."