This statement has just been released by CCHQ:

"Commenting after the House of Lords voted by a majority of 227 – 166 to insist on Tony Blair’s controversial ID pass scheme being voluntary – as Labour’s Manifesto said it would be – Conservative Spokesman Lady Anelay said:

“The issue could not be simpler. Should any Briton wanting to pop over to Calais or go on holiday in Spain be compelled to buy a card they do not want, or, should they be able to join that system if they want to? The Government want to limit that freedom. We say ID cards should be voluntary.”

Conservative Leader in the Lords, Lord Strathclyde, added:

“There is no constitutional issue here. The Lords are closer to Labour’s Manifesto than the Government Bill. The Government now admit their Manifesto was economical with the truth – deceit of that kind cannot bind Parliament. The Lords’ amendment allows the Government to go ahead with biometric passports and it lets them set up a voluntary ID card scheme they said they would.
“The Government should now look for compromise and go forward with the voluntary scheme they promised. The issues of personal freedom involved are too important to be foisted on the public by half truths and deception.”"

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