The former Labour parliamentary candidate for Horsham, Rehman Chishti, has defected to the
Conservatives. He stood against Francis Maude at the last election with a 3.1% swing against him. Francis said that:

“Rehman is an extremely able and respected politician, as I found out at first hand when he stood against me. I am delighted that someone with his energy and talent has joined the Conservative Party. I have appointed him as my adviser on diversity and ethnic minorities.”

In 2003 he was elected as a Labour Councillor in Medway Council, at the age of 24 years. Rehman was born in Pakistan and studied law in Aberystwyth where he was active in student politics. He was called to the bar in 2001 and has worked for some politicians, including Benazir Bhutto the former PM of Pakistan, and Helen Clark. In announcing his decision he said:

I’m delighted to have joined the Conservative Party. Under David Cameron, the Conservatives provide hope and inspiration to the public at large who have become disillusioned with New Labour. Tony Blair’s Labour Party increasingly takes voters for granted and is out of touch with modern Britain.”

A Labour defection was rumoured over the weekend, and several people on this site registered their objection to whoever it was being parachuted into a safe seat. If he is treated well however, others may consider making the jump. This is excellent news for Cameron two days before his one hundredth day as leader, but there is more to do before we get MPs crossing the floor

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