Clarkekenneth_1A few interesting quotes from a Ken Clarke interview in today’s Independent:

  • "Kenneth Clarke has admitted he could not have carried out the changes David Cameron has pushed through the Conservative Party without provoking a bloody civil war.  The former cabinet minister, whose third attempt to become Tory leader was scuppered when Mr Cameron emerged as the main modernising candidate, said: "I will concede I would have been wading through blood by now, trying to get the party to where David Cameron has got it. He is a fresh face with no baggage."  Funny how he didn’t tell us that when he was seeking our votes last autumn!
  • On the EPP: "Mr Clarke fears the move will mean Conservative MEPs joining forces with far-right parties. He declines to rock the boat but hopes the plan will be kicked into the long grass. "I hope that David will steer away from the subject," he said."
  • Opposition to proportional representation: "He said a public clamour could one day force politicians to accept proportional representation (PR) but does not think the moment has arrived. "I want strong government with the courage of its own convictions. My objection has always been that a Parliament elected by PR would start a process of horse-trading between the parties for the lowest common denominator of policy options."

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