Gordon Brown,
guardian of the Government’s purse-strings, is losing kudos by the day…

Charles Moore on Inheritance tax:

"The threshold at which inheritance tax now begins is £275,000. That
means that getting on for three million homes are liable. In 1997,
there was only one town in Britain where the average house price
exceeded the inheritance tax threshold; by 2004, there were 78."

Telegraph leader on the "Landlord levy":

"To what problem is Labour’s £500 tax on landlords a solution? Is
Britain grinding to a halt because a class of idle rentiers is
strangling the economy? Do these miserly Rigsbys have wads of
ill-gotten notes stuffed under their mattresses?"

Wat Tyler wonders what happened to "the £21.5bn of additional SAVINGS Mr Brown promised us", and Tim Worstall thinks Ministers should personally pay back wasted tax money.

Perhaps the public will soon start to get an appetite for lower taxes!

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