Johnprofumo_1Iain Duncan Smith has written a tribute to John Profumo on the day of his funeral:

"Toynbee Hall is one of the jewels in the crown of this nation’s charitable sector. It is the kind of caring institution that commands the love and respect of the British people, an institution that never walks away from people, however hopeless or disadvantaged their circumstances may seem.  Toynbee Hall gave John Profumo his second chance in life and he used it well. It was at Toynbee hall that I first met him and discovered – through others – all the good work that he had done. So many people, who owe the quality of their lives to him, spoke warmly of this one time disgraced politician.  Everyone deserves a second chance. It’s what you do with it that marks your life. Real greatness for John Profumo lay not in counting honours and awards, or amassing fame and fortune, but in using his second chance to give other much more vulnerable people their second chance."

See the full article in The Yorkshire Post.

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