William Hague continues to be the most popular figure in David Cameron’s shadow cabinet.  66% of Tory members say that they are "very satisfied" with the Shadow Foreign Secretary and 28% are "fairly satisfied".  Only 3% are "fairly dissatisfied" and 1% "very dissatisfied".  Mr Hague’s net satisfaction rating is up 7% on last month’s ratings – partly reflecting, perhaps, his PMQs performance.

At the bottom of the league of ten, and down 6% on last month, is Party Chairman Francis Maude.  A majority of respondents – 53% – are satisfied with the Chairman: 13% are "very satisfied" and 40% are "fairly satisfied".  16% are "fairly dissatisfied" and 15% "very dissatisfied", however.  Mr Maude may be suffering from association with Michael Howard’s unsuccessful campaign to give MPs final control of the leadership election and because of his responsibility for the unpopular Priority List for parliamentary candidates.

David Davis remains a very popular figure with a net satisfaction rating of +80%; up 6% on January.  Mr Davis’ opposition to ID cards and his robust stance on the ‘cartoon protests’ may have helped to boost his standing.

George Osborne’s rating has dropped a little in the month – perhaps because of grassroots unhappiness at the "stability before tax cuts" message.  How Mr Osborne handles Gordon Brown’s forthcoming Budget will be an important early test for him.

David Willetts drops 10% this month.  January’s sex offenders scandal put Mr Willetts in the spotlight when the Panel was last questioned and that might have inflated his rating then.

Andrew Lansley is rated 19% less highly than Mr Willetts.  The last two days have given the Shadow Health Secretary a number of opportunities to tackle Labour on the NHS cash crisis and this may boost his rating next month.

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