England_1Since becoming Tory leader David Cameron has accepted devolution to
Scotland and Wales as settled but he has also raised concerns about
Scottish MPs voting on laws that only affect residents of England.
Labour does not think that there is any demand within England for an
English Parliament or for restrictions on the voting rights of Scottish
or Welsh MPs.  Lord Falconer, one of the Cabinet’s large number of Scots, makes the case against change
today.  BBCi reports:

"The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, is set to strongly reject the idea of an English parliament, in a speech to a conference on devolution.  He is expected to argue that there is no case – "not today, not tomorrow" – for creating an institution which could eventually lead to a federal UK."

Oliver Heald, the Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary, thinks there is a strong case for English Votes on English Laws.  He identifies four main factors that are strengthening the argument for EVoEL (perhaps the most horrible of acronyms):

  • There has been a rise in the sense of English identity since devolution to Cardiff and Edinburgh…
  • The English have different policy agendas to the Scots in health and education with more enthusiasm for greater parental and patient choice…
  • There has been a failure to get a grip on English development policy leading to disparities between London and the South East and the rest of England…
  • There are not adequate arrangements between the UK government and the nations of the UK.

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