NewpollIt’s been a terrible couple of weeks for Labour but the latest YouGov/ Telegraph poll shows that a Tory poll lead of 3% in the last YouGov poll (for The Sunday Times) has disappeared*. 

The number thinking that David Cameron is proving to be a good leader of the Tories has shrunk from 46% last month to 38% this. 

The much better news for the Tories is the declining appeal of Gordon Brown.  One year ago Gordon Brown was preferred to Tony Blair as Prime Minister by 40% to 30% of voters.  It’s now just 31% for Brown over 30% for Blair.

A year ago 61% over 19% of voters thought Brown was doing a good job as Chancellor.  That’s just 49% over 30% today.  50% of voters think that there is a black hole in the nation’s finances.

* If you are trying to understand why the poll changes in the ConservativeHome graphic are different from the Telegraph graphic it is because ConservativeHome is comparing this YouGov poll for The Telegraph with a more recent YouGov poll for The Sunday Times.  The Telegraph is comparing with its own YouGov poll of last month.

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