ToryradioIt’s been a good week for Tory bloggers and the willingness of the Conservative Party to engage with us.   ToryRadio has formally launched with an interview with Party Vice-Chairman Grant Shapps.  Grant is responsible for e-campaigning so it was a good first interview for the man behind ToryRadio – the recently-married Jonathan Sheppard

Yesterday CCHQ gave ConservativeHome a scoop on Chishti – The Movie and this morning David Cameron has written exclusively for ConservativeHome about his first 100 days.  Earlier this week a senior official at CCHQ gave me a briefing on the forthcoming local elections (about which I intend to post very shortly).  It was the first of a number of outreach initiatives to bloggers and the wider ‘Tory web community’ organised by Francis Maude.  Some of the Tory Chairman’s critics might like to remember that when they next vote in the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel!  The US Republican and Democrat parties already organise regular briefings for online members of the conservative movement.

If you are a blogger or run a non-party website that engages with political issues and would like to be included in Francis Maude’s blogger briefings please email me at

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