Alcopop150Earlier this week a Guardian/ICM focus group compared David Cameron to a BMW five series – swish and modern.  Today – in The Telegraph – it’s an alcopop… The Tory leader is seen as "sweet and delicious, but with a potentially dangerous kick."

Other highlights from this morning’s Telegraph interview:

  • "The Tory leader refused to have a party to celebrate his first 100 days on Thursday; instead, he spent the night cooking supper for the family and watching television."
  • "I have ditched some totems that gave people completely the wrong idea about the Conservative Party… We’ve already changed people’s views a little bit. But obviously I haven’t done enough about anything yet because I have only been doing this job for three months."
  • On his grammar schools policy: "It was a completely outmoded debate – it stopped us from explaining how we were going to improve the education for the 93 per cent of children who don’t go to grammar schools."

The interview is a typically Sylvester-Thomson affair – lots of insights into David Cameron’s personality and not much on policy.  The most interesting thing said by Mr Cameron was probably this: "In life, I have always been more frightened of failing than I have of concentrating on trying to climb the next peak. It is always a great relief when something that could go wrong doesn’t."  He made the remark in the context of his first (and very successful) PMQs.  Fear of failure is not necessarily the best quality you want, however, in a leader.  It could lead to excessive caution.  It would be foolish to read too much into a couple of sentences but it’s certainly food for thought…

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