Party leaders’ topics:  David Cameron: Thanks for the congratulatory flowers from "both Prime
Ministers". Do Foundation Schools have the same status as "Trust Schools" did? Blair could rely on "200 of us" so only needed to get 150 of his MPs to "do the right thing". Also asked about speeding up Bird Flu vaccination and contingency plans. Menzies Campbell asked about when Camp X-ray in Guantanamo Bay would be closed, and unequal extradition rights between British and American citizens.

Best line: Labour MP David Taylor in the last question of the day said that it was like "politics scripted by Lewis Carroll" (author of Alice in Wonderland) when the Government’s Education Reforms are more enthusiastically backed by the Conservative MPs than Labour MPs.

Best joke: There weren’t any that got laughs, Shakira was probably bored.

Biggest cheer of the day: Blair told a rebel MP that he would bet that more Labour MPs than Conservatives would vote for the Education Reform Bill, getting cheers from the Conservatives.

Best behaved person of the day: Gordon "nodding dog" Brown

Best putdown of the day: Blair’s solid rebuttal to Campbell’s second question about America. He accused the LibDems of an uneven approach to these matters that was "an affront" in the face of global terrorism. Similar to his Dec 14th rebuttal to Vince Cable when he asked why the LibDems always attacked America but never made an issue of the real abuses in North Korea etc.

Missed topic of the day: The Power report.

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