David Cameron stayed in London today to recover from "a bad dose of flu", it’s the first time the 39 year old has had ill health since becoming leader.

He was due to go to Leeds to launch a plan to help first-time house-buyers. Michael Gove is also said to have suffered from flu recently, but seems to have recovered sufficiently to attend alongside Caroline Spelman. The five-point plan was welcomed by the Home Builders Federation.

The BBC summarises the key areas:

  • Ensuring more homes suitable for first-time buyers are built, while
    protecting the environment
  • Making sure planning rules encourage the creation of homes with the gardens
    and parking spaces that families want
  • Opening up shared-ownership schemes to more than just public sector workers
  • Opposing the government’s new home sellers’ packs, which the Conservatives
    say are bureaucratic
  • Making it easier for council house tenants to buy their own home, with
    part-ownership as a step along the way.

It’s not known yet whether Cameron will be able attend to his duties tomorrow. I’m sure we all wish him well!

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