"7.  We understand the limitations of government, but are not limited in our aspirations for government.

We believe in the role of government as a force for good. It can and should support aspirations such as home ownership, saving for a pension, and starting a business. It should support families and marriage, and those who care for others. And it should support the shared experiences that bring us together – such as sport, the arts and culture."

I think this is one of the best written and most important of the principles.  The British people don’t dislike government – they dislike ineffective government.  Conservatives should be on the side of good government – particularly insofar as it encourages personal responsibility and Margaret Thatcher’s vigorous virtues.  A government that supports "aspirations such as home ownership, saving for a pension, and
starting a business… families and marriage… and those
who care for others" will actually, in the long-term, produce smaller government as it is building bigger citizens.

The shop window emphasis of this principle is rightly on good government – not its size.   

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