"5.  It is our moral obligation to make poverty history.

We will fight for free and fair trade, increase international aid, and press for further debt relief. But this is not enough. We will also take action to build those institutions – like the rule of law and property rights – that support development."

Cameronatcsj_1Rank-and-file Conservative members have always given time and money to overseas causes but Tory politicians have traditionally approached the issue in a tick box kind of way.  David Cameron has made development one of his top six policy priorities and that is enormously welcome.

I hope we’ll soon see Mr Cameron in Africa… visiting projects that exemplify a distinctively Conservative approach to development – projects that emphasise civil society, economic empowerment and the huge role that micro-lending can play.

I also hope that we’ll see more attention to issues like Darfur.  David Cameron talked a lot about this massive human tragedy during his leadership bit but we haven’t heard much since.  This principle could do with an addition to reflect Darfur-like, human rights concerns.  ‘Conservatives will never turn a blind eye to oppression in any part of the world and will champion the spread of democracy, religious liberty and human rights."  Any ideas on some wording…?

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