BpixA BPIX poll for The Mail on Sunday (not online) gives the Conservatives a 2% lead over Labour.  The Tories’ 38% to 36% edge would become a 37%-37% tie if Gordon Brown were leader.

The  survey gives the LibDems a modest 16% although it is far too early to determine Ming’s impact on his party’s fortunes.

A Populus survey for BBC1’s Politics Show in the LibDems’ top twenty target seats (also not online) found that 19% of people would be more likely to vote LibDem because of the party’s new leader.  Brown would attract 28% of people in the same way.  Cameron would impact 30%.

If you want to know how Ming intends to undermine Cameron’s Conservatives an article by him in yesterday’s Guardian indicated the clear plan of attack:

"David Cameron’s claim to the liberal mantle is no more plausible than the government’s. We cannot be forced to believe that it is year zero and that the recent past never happened. Was David Cameron not the author of the 2005 Conservative manifesto, the most reactionary of modern times? Was he not the brains behind Black Wednesday?

Even now, the Conservative outlook runs directly counter to liberal values. The party which supported the Iraq war is now sending its emissaries over to the US to restore its links with the neocon right of the Republican party. Meanwhile in Europe, it is detaching itself from the mainstream Christian Democrat centre-right to seek alliances with a ragbag of extremists."

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