I’ve just received a press release from CCHQ with the following headline:

"Government plan to privatise Sellafield ‘neither wise nor honest’."

The release continues:

"Commenting on newspaper reports today that the government are set to announce tomorrow that control of Britain’s most controversial nuclear site, Sellafield, will move into the private sector through the sale of its state-owned operator, British Nuclear Group, Shadow Trade & Industry Secretary Alan Duncan said:

"Making this statement on the day the House rises for Easter is typical of Labour’s sneaky practices.  ‘This announcement is being made in the middle of the Government’s Energy Review, in which the crucial question of how the nuclear sector might work with Government is being examined.  Making this announcement now is neither wise nor honest.  ‘Gordon Brown did not mention the disposal of British Nuclear Group in the budget statement last week.  To dump fifty years of dubious waste onto the private sector with none of the guarantees that only Government can offer needs serious public debate before they should think of going ahead."

Alan Duncan’s charge of sneakiness is spot on.  Labour probably wanted to avoid criticism from those anti-capitalists who think that the private sector can’t be trusted with sensitive assets like prisons and nuclear power.   It’s a bit rich, however, when those sentiments are being expressed by the party that gave privatisation to the world.

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