Guardianfrontpage_2Today’s Guardian reports that "Scotland Yard will broaden its "loans for peerages" investigation to cover the Conservative party as well as Labour".

Saudiscandal_1Mr Cameron has proposed sweeping reforms of political funding arrangements.  He has inherited nearly all of the hidden loan obligations from before he was leader although his tenure has been tarnished by a £100,000 connection with the wife of a Saudi arms dealer.

After a meeting at Scotland Yard the SNP MP, Angus MacNeil – who initiated the police’s proceedings – was uncompromising:

"The police are interested in crime. They are not
interested in which party committed it … After meeting people at
Scotland Yard I would say anyone who has been involved in the selling
of peerages should be shaking in their shoes."

The Guardian continued:

"Scotland Yard has refused to say which figures the
detectives intend to interview as the inquiry unfolds, but it will not
rule out speaking to Tony Blair. Westminster sources believe they will
almost certainly speak to Lord Levy, the prime minister’s chief
fundraiser, and key players, such as the party chairman, Ian McCartney."