Scottish_tory_logo_2Speaking to the Scottish Party Conference, David Cameron warned that Gordon Brown may call a snap election after he succeeds Tony Blair.  As a result, the Tory leader continued, the party must implement his ‘Change To Win’ agenda very quickly:

"Gordon Brown is running out of money. He’s running out of ideas. And he’s running out of time. Don’t assume we have three years or more until the next election. We must be prepared for Gordon Brown to cut and run. So we must not only show that the changes we’re making are built to last. We must make those changes fast. Don’t tell me I’m going too quickly. Press me and the Conservative team to work harder, to move faster, to make the changes we need."

Go to: full text of speech.

If anyone has been at the Perth Conference it would be good to receive feedback… What was the mood like?  How did Annabel Goldie do?  What did David Trimble speak about?

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