In additional to the regular tracker questions on David Cameron and the top ten shadow cabinet members, the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel was also asked six questions about the war on terror.


The survey found that more than half of Tory members agree that the war in Iraq was a mistake despite the fact that the party leadership still believes that the war was necessary.  Only 34% of members disagree with the suggestion that the war was a mistake.  11% didn’t know.

The Guantanamo Bay controversy may be one of the reasons fuelling opposition to the war.  51% of members rejected the idea that the prison camp was "a necessary part of the war on terror".  Despite the daily anti-Guantanamo barrage from the Today programme 36% did, however, agree that the camp was necessary.

Despite this disagreement with the war, more members (40%) disagreed with the idea that troops should be withdrawn by the end of 2006 than agreed (32%) with that ‘troops home’ message.  A large 27% didn’t know.  A large portion of this 27% probably thought the question a little too simple.


Despite the negative attitude to the war in Iraq Tory members still thought that military action must remain an option in dealing with Iran.  They agreed with Liam Fox’s position by a majority of two-to-one.


There was strong support (55%) for the idea that civil liberties should never be compromised in ther war on terror although  29% thought they might need to be.


Disagreement with the war in Iraq has not translated into anti-Americanism amongst Tory members.  More than two-thirds of Tory members agreed that the United States is largely a force for good in the world.

MAIN FINDING: Support for David Cameron remains as broad – but not as deep

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