Confirming its anti-Tory positioning, UK Independence Party chairman David Campbell Bannerman, great nephew of former Liberal Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, told yesterday’s Yorkshire Post that the party’s legal name would stay UKIP but for popular consumption the party would be totally rebranded.  He told the Post:

"Independence as a name is catchy, reduces the emphasis on Europe a little and allows us to focus more on domestic policies… Rebranding will help show that we’re not just about leaving the European Union but about being a party of opposition to the three main parties, who share the centre ground.  We will push for independence for local schools, councils, hospitals and planning and champion low taxes, which the Tories no longer seem interested in doing."

Davies_philip_1Shipley Tory MP Philip Davies is also quoted in the newspaper.  Mr Shipley, like Daniel Hannan MEP, is one of the very few Tories who openly support Britain leaving the EU but he dismisses UKIP’s latest tactics:

"I’ve every sympathy with their view on Europe, I’m just not sure what it is they’re trying to achieve.  They’d be much better off remaining a pressure group.  Shouting from the sidelines with five per cent of the vote doesn’t seem like a particularly constructive way of advocating their cause."