Editorsreview_3TOPIC OF THE WEEK… Gordon Brown.  William Hague opened fire on the man who would be Britain’s next Prime Minister but the Chancellor won enthusiastic (but slightly ill-founded) billing in this morning’s News of the World.  Excellent pieces by Fraser Nelson in The Spectator and a leader in today’s Business exposed the client state that Gordon Brown is building:

"Parts of Britain are now almost wholly dependent on the state. In Manchester Blackley, 67% of the electorate are government employees or welfare clients, the figure is 67.5% in Liverpool Walton and a staggering 71% in Cynon Valley. In some areas where old-fashioned manufacturing or mining has long since died out, government has taken its place, leaving ghettos of dependency where there is no room for the market economy to breath. Such places will be forever dependent on wealth being generated in those parts of Britain (largely London and the south-east) which are not yet socialised; no wonder they are staunch supporters of Mr Brown’s ever-expanding state."

A GOOD WEEK FOR… Paul Goodman, Robert Key and Sir George Young.  The WriteToThem website revealed that these three Tory MPs – and Conservative MPs generally – were the fastest responders to constituent email.

Villiers_theresa_1A BAD WEEK FOR… Theresa Villers.  The North London MP defended the jailing of David Irving.  Visitors to this site were almost universally unimpressed.

TORY POLITICIANS OF THE WEEK… The ‘Times Nine’.  Nine Tory MPs wrote a letter to The Times complaining about the Church of England General Synod and its one-sided decision to boycott companies that make products used by Israel in the Palestinian territories.

PLAY OF THE WEEK… I can’t think of anything political in this recess week so I’ll suggest Barcelona beating Chelsea and Henry’s breathtaking goal against Real Madrid.

CONSERVATIVEHOME POST OF THE WEEK… My suggestion that big donations to the Conservative Party be limited to something like £100,000pa as part of a wider campaign to encourage more diverse funding of the Conservative Party.  Many of you disagreed with me but the discussion was excellent.

EXTERNAL BLOG POST OF THE WEEK… Gerard Baker’s expose of the opportunism of too many US politicians – including Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton – over the sale of some US ports to a Dubai firm.



BEST COMMENT OF THE WEEK… Daniel Vince-Archer reacting to the undemocratic Livingstone suspension:

"Has Theresa Villiers started a ‘Jail Livingstone’ campaign yet?"