Cameron_in_parliamentDAVID CAMERON’S QUESTIONS…

  • His first two questions focused on the cartoon crisis.  Question one asked TB to agree that the voice of Britain’s moderate, peace-loving Muslim majority had been drowned out in recent days.  Question two encouraged Mr Blair to say that smart policing should never mean turning a blind eye to those who incite murder.  The Prime Minister responded to the second question by encouraging the Tories to change their position on the glorification of terrorism legislation and the Government’s plans to proscribe organisations that glorify terrorism.
  • Mr Cameron’s second set of questions focused on education and Mr Blair’s recent concessions to Labour rebels.  Mr Cameron quoted Mr Blair’s recent statement that he’d always wished he’d been bolder with reforms when he looked back on those his administrations had already made.   Why was Mr Blair now "in reverse gear," he asked.  An on-form Blair responded by trying to ridicule Mr Cameron’s own recent statements.  He noted that he told The Telegraph that he was a Conservative to his core a fortnight ago.  One week ago he was painting himself as the heir to New Labour.  And today, Mr Blair said, Mr Cameron was describing himself as a Liberal Conservative in a leaflet for the Dunfermline by-election.  No wonder the Tory leader was opposed to ID cards, he joked.  David Cameron responded by saying that he wasn’t going to take lectures on consistency from Mr Blair.   

MING’S QUESTIONS… focused on police reform and the LibDem leadership candidate’s campaign theme of localism.

BACKBENCH QUESTION OF THE DAY… A sensitive question from Charles Hendry on the number of people in prison who suffer from mental health problems.

The Labour MP for Preston asking the PM to say if the Labour MP for his city of one hundred years ago would have been proud of the Labour Government of today.