Party leaders’ topics:  David Cameron on Blair’s ability to carry through reforms, freedom of speech
and the closure of eco-laboratories. Menzies Campbell on UN authority on decisions about Iran and if military action against Iran is still ruled out.

Best joke: Blair pre-empted mocking by self-deprecatingly saying it would be a good idea if he turned up to the education reforms vote. He didn’t turn up to the second Racial & Religious Hatred vote, which lost by one.

Best line: In reference to Home Rule in Northern Ireland, Blair said something out of step with his government’s general attitude – "The government can facilitate but not force people to do what
they don’t want to do." 

Biggest cheer of the day: Probably when Cameron first stood.

Best behaved person of the day: Hilary Armstrong (again).
Cameron: "I’ve noticed the Labour Chief Whip is a bit quieter than normal", and
is putting Blair in the frame for last night’s defeat "a good career

Best putdown of the day: Speaker Michael Martin on a Labour heckler. (Did anyone catch who it was?)

Missed topic of the day: Bush’s State of the Union speech.

Most MPs stayed in the House for a moment – to hear Stephen Byers’ "unreserved apologies".

Deputy Editor