London_placardsAfter Tony Blair and William Hague jousting about it in PMQ’s earlier today, 315 to 277 MPs backed the Government in a vote to bring the law against glorifying terror back into the Terrorism Bill. Seventeen Labour MPs voted against the Government.

Blair’s line of attack was that we would be sending a soft message out if we opposed the law, an approach designed to make the Tories uncomfortable but one that lacked reasoning. Hague had labelled it as "ineffective authoritarianism" and Menzies Campbell as "ambiguous and controversial".

After losing votes on the ninety day detention aspect of the Bill, and the Racial Religious Hatred Bill, Blair seems to be on form with wins on ID cards and banning smoking in pubs and private clubs. He seems to be trying to play the tough leader with the recent protests and controversies, especially with David Cameron temporarily out of the game (although DC was spotted in Portcullis House this afternoon)

The battle will shift to the Lords now, it remains to be seen how hard the peers will fight on this, but they may overturn the ID cards proposals again.

Deputy Editor