Up until now Labour have been divided on the best critique of David Cameron.  If The Observer is to be believed party strategists appear to have decided to paint the new Tory leader as Bush-like.  The newspaper claims to have seen a report drawn up for Labour’s high-command…

"’The last Conservative to successfully seek election as a "different kind of Conservative" was, of course, George W Bush,’ it says. Bush’s rhetoric was ‘modern Conservative’ but ‘the reality was… tax cuts for the wealthiest, rising unemployment and a weaker safety net for the most vulnerable’."

The Observer continues:

"The document takes aim at Cameron’s establishment of commissions to review Tory policy, led by figures including former leader Iain Duncan Smith and ‘a bunch of ex-Tory ministers’. Is that, the strategy booklet asks, ‘his idea of a centrist future? It’s as if Neil Kinnock had put George Galloway, Derek Hatton and Arthur Scargill in charge of the 1987 [Labour] policy review.’"

Is this the best that Labour can do?  On tax, green issues and general disposition there are huge differences between Bush and Cameron.  If anyone is going to be damaged by a closeness to Bush it is Blair himself.