PrescottmLabour have opened fire on David Cameron this morning.

John Prescott told Labour’s spring conference that Cameron is a "chameleon":

"He can change the colour of his skin at will.  But this political animal underneath is Conservative to the core.  The Tories will come to learn that voters won’t trust anyone who writes a right-wing manifesto one month and disowns it a few weeks later.  That is not courage, that is not conviction – it is pure, naked opportunism."

Is the deputy leader of NuLabour really giving us a lecture on "opportunism"?

Also attacking Mr Cameron is Alastair Campbell.  The Mirror reports an email that the Labour spinmeister has sent Labour MPs.  In a series of comparisons Mr Campbell attempts to say that Gordon Brown "has a deeper, more relevant understanding of the challenges facing Britain in the future than a young man who seems to think he can glide to power on a mix of media charm offensives and personal trivia."  This is Campbell’s list…

"Cameron rides a bike – Brown has steered Britain through the longest period of sustained economic growth, with unemployment and waiting lists way down.

Cameron took drugs – Brown has funded a doubling in the number of drug-users getting treatment.

Cameron has hired an environmentalist to give his home an eco-friendly makeover – Brown has paid for the insulation of one million pensioner homes.

Cameron opposes chocolate oranges being sold at checkouts – Brown has led the way in helping developing countries sell real oranges.

Cameron hired Bob Geldof as a consultant – Brown persuaded the finance ministers of rich countries to cough up an extra 50billion dollars for Africa.

Cameron plays tennis – Brown has trebled investment in sport, helping to win the Olympic bid for 2012.

Cameron prefers The X Factor to Strictly Come Dancing – Brown has given free TV licences to those over 75 years old.

Cameron is trying to give up smoking and bought nicotine patches at Boots – Brown is trying to eradicate child poverty.

Cameron has tea with 10 sugars before Prime Minister’s Questions – Brown helped to deliver a new sugar trade deal that will save EU consumers four billion dollars from 2010.

Cameron ate kebabs at university – Brown is helping Turkey join the EU."

As David Cameron takes tough decisions about the big issues facing Britain – for example: on Iran, on nuclear power, on economic competitiveness – it will be much harder for this knockabout stuff to have any effect whatsoever but it will be important that he does make those tough decisions.  Equally important will be intensive and imaginative demolition of Gordon Brown’s record on stealthy taxation, failure to moderate personal indebtedness, the private pension mess, productivity and benefit complexity.  Oberon Houston made a good start at this not so long ago and ConservativeHome should probably start doing a lot, too.