Yougov_5Travelling home from the US meant I failed to file a more timely post on yesterday’s YouGov poll for The Sunday Times.

The poll revealed that Labour enjoys a very modest lead over the Conservatives.  As argued on Saturday I do not think we will see a sustained Conservative lead until the Tory leadership combines core policies on Europe, immigration and crime with the newer (and essential) emphases on the environment and poverty.

The only other hope for the Tories is a Labour collapse.  The bad news on that front is that YouGov predict that the 2% Labour lead will grow to 6% if Gordon Brown was to take over.

The same YouGov poll also shows that Simon Hughes is the favourite LibDem leadership candidate amongst party supportersLast week YouGov found that Chris Huhne and Ming Campbell led amongst LibDem members.  Reporting the findings, The Daily Telegraph also notes that Mr Hughes appears to be making Eurosceptic noises – perhaps in a bid to distance himself from the Europhile Huhne.