"According to YouGov first preference voting intentions of Liberal Democrat members who have decided how to vote are Huhne 38%, Campbell 34%, Hughes 27% with 16% of members still undecided."

This can be found on the UK Polling Report blog.  Given that YouGov only sampled 401 individuals they have emphasised that the race is "too close to call".  Although Huhne enjoys a small lead on first preferences Campbell enjoys a 39% to 36% lead on second preferences.

The YouGov survey also identifies the top concerns of LibDem members (respondents were allowed to select up to four options)…

  • Protecting civil liberties 63%
  • Combating climate change 54%
  • Reducing poverty in Britain 48%
  • Transferring powers from central government to local communities 36%
  • Changing the voting system for the House of Commons 34%
  • Improving the National Health Service 29%
  • Making Britain’s economy stronger 26%
  • Improving standards in state schools 23%
  • Tackling crime 19%
  • Improving pensions 18%
  • Working more closely with the rest of the European Union 17%
  • Reducing poverty in less developed countries 15%

The survey also revealed that a majority of LibDem members wanted taxation to be fairer, greener but not higher.

I think we’ll ask some similar questions of the next ConservativeHome Members’ Panel