Sandra Howard famously said that her husband didn’t have a short fuse… he had no fuse at all.  The former Tory leader’s temper may have accounted for his shabby treatment of Howard Flight before the last election?  If this morning’s Spy is correct – justice might be about to be done…

"The condemnation of former Tory MP Howard Flight’s sacking on the eve of last year’s general election was virtually universal among his parliamentary colleagues.  So I am interested to hear that the former Arundel MP is well on the road to rehabilitation.  "There’s been no great fanfare about it, but Howard has just been put back on to the approved candidates’ list," says a party source. "He has also been made president of the Conservative City Circle, where his contacts in the square mile will come in extremely useful.  The only remaining hurdle for him is an interview for a place on the A list of top-notch candidates – but that really ought to be a formality given the circumstances.""

We’ll submit Mr Flight to the ‘GoldList treatment’ soon.  Priti Patel is today’s nominee.

(My thanks to Justin Hinchcliffe for drawing my attention to the story).