ThefirstrespondersA post on Guido Fawkes earlier today alerted me to the excellent website and its MP Responsiveness League Table.   Top of the league is Paul Goodman (who is also exceptional in responding to the comments made on his regular ConservativeHome posts).  Second is Sir George Young and third is my own local MP, Robert Key.

Not only are the top three ‘first responders’ all Tories, the overall response rate of Conservative MPs is excellent:

  • 74% Tory MPs responded within 2-3 weeks.
  • The LibDem rate was 14% lower at 60%.
  • The yellow army just pipped the red army rate of 58%.
  • Parliament’s least savoury parties – Sinn Fein (20%) and Respect (7%) – had the poorest response rates.

Snail mail letters might get less attention than communications sent through WriteToThem as this service becomes more popular and its results more regularly analysed…

On a personal note I have to agree with Robert Key’s high personal rating.  My home in Salisbury is situated on the bend of a road and in the last year or so, three cars have come crashing towards my front door.  Pasted below is a photo of the most spectacular episode.  Robert Key has been brilliant at sorting the issue out.   The roadside kerb has now been raised after his intervention and I can now sit in my living room, watching Desperate Housewives et al, with less fear of a lorry coming through the window any moment.  Thanks Rob!