"Has any Tory spoken about the cartoon crisis yet?"

Killsign_1That was ConservativeHome’s question of yesterday.

David Davis has answered the question in emphatic form for today’s Sunday Telegraph.

This is what he said about the placards – photos of which we posted yesterday:

"Clearly some of these placards are incitement to violence and, indeed, incitement to murder – an extremely serious offence which the police must deal with and deal with quickly.  Whatever your views on these cartoons, we have a tradition of freedom of speech in this country which has to be protected. Certainly there can be no tolerance of incitement to murder."

Sunday_expressThe police told The Sunday Telegraph that they made no arrests "because of public order fears".  Today’s Sunday Express – right – carries a photograph of a Muslim protestor dressed up as a suicide bomber.  The police did not, apparently, challenge him.  The only two people arrested at Friday’s protest were two people who had reproduced the offending Danish cartoons.

David Davis’ call for assertive police action contrasts with Jack Straw’s decision to point the finger of blame at foreign newspapers.