Keymembersofthetorytea_1David Cameron will talk about ‘Built To Last’ at a party event at Vinopolis tonight.  You can read a pdf of the full text
now.  This is my favourite part of the speech:

"Labour don’t think for the long term.  They think that announcing government schemes, setting up quangos and passing laws is the way to solve problems.  Gimmicks such as night courts, rewarding young people with music vouchers, and marching yobs to cashpoints.  None of them got off the ground.  Under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the state keeps getting bigger and bigger but the long-term challenges are just not being tackled.
We can meet these challenges.  Our enduring values are right for our time and right for the challenges we face.  So it falls to our Party to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy, a strong society and a sustainable environment.  We know we have the right values.  We believe that the more you trust people, the stronger they and society become.  We believe in sharing responsibility; that government doesn’t have all the answers; that we’re all in this together – individuals, families, business, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, business and government.  Above all, we think for the long term.  We’ve been around for a while.  The long–term is in our blood."

"The long-term is in our blood".  What a great thing for a Conservative to say.  Protecting the environment, raising the next generation and restoring the competitiveness of the British economy are all great Conservative projects and all take time to deliver.  All a real contrast with the shallow grandstanding of Tony Blair.

All we now need from Mr Cameron are the policies to deliver long-term change…