As Guido predicted earlier Michael Crick will be conducting an investigation into Chris Huhne on tonight’s Newsnight.  Once the investigation has aired I’ll post a report…


The centrepiece of Michael Crick’s report was an interview with Edward Kellett-Bowman, a former Conservative MEP.  EK-B alleges that Mr Huhne used European parliamentary funds (which he had access to as a MEP) to help finance literature that included promotion of his bid to become MP for Eastleigh (a seat he only won by 600 votes last May).  EK-B says that the EP funds used by Mr Huhne should not have been spent on literature of a campaigning nature and he is asking the EP authorities to investigate.  The multi-millionaire Mr Huhne denies any misuse of funds – by saying that the literature funded by the EP resources were not distributed during the actual General Election campaign – when it would have been improper to have done so.  The European Parliament has not yet taken up EK-B’s complaint.

Mr Crick’s report also included allegations from Labour lawyers that an election leaflet put out by Eastleigh’s LibDems during last year’s election campaign was illegal.  The leaflet appeared to be a newsletter from the Hampshire Labour party urging supporters to vote LibDem.  The small print revealed it was a LibDem leaflet.  A typically dirty local campaigning trick from the party that always preaches about clean politics at the national level.

Mr Crick certainly didn’t deliver any knock out blow but it was a refreshing change to see him pursuing a non-Tory.