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Recent attacks on Gordon Brown by George Osborne and William Hague have so far failed to seriously undermine voter affection for the Chancellor.

An ICM poll for the News of the World gives Mr Brown a 12% advantage over David Cameron when it comes to "likely to make a good prime minister".

The Chancellor is also seen as more in touch, more trustworthy, more likely to manage a family budget and the best dad.

On the credit side for the Tory leader – David Cameron is not seen as being as arrogrant as Mr Brown, slightly better drinking company, less likely to avoiding buying a round of drinks and much more presentable.

This poll (1PM ADDITION: the sample for which appears somewhat slanted towards Labour supporters according to a post on and other recent surveys underline the mountain that the Conservative leadership still has to climb.  After the euphoria of Mr Cameron’s first couple of months the durability of Gordon Brown’s popularity will alarm some of the Notting Hill set (who are under fire in today’s newspapers).

Mr Cameron returns from two weeks of paternity leave on Tuesday and is billed to give a speech in which he will reaffirm his commitment to change the Conservative party.   This will disturb some on the right who also want to know that the Tory leader is still faithful to core conservative themes.