William_hillSomeone in Oxford, the nearest major town to the Cameron household, has placed a small bet with
William Hill that "Baby Cam" will be called Archie. The baby is yet to be named as far as we know.

There are also bets that "Archie" will go to Eton, will become a bookmaker, leader of the Labour party, and that one of his parents – presumably Samantha – will get a tattoo of his name.

"Punters obviously think it is a
certainty that Cameron’s son will follow in his fathers footsteps and
go to Eton but if anyone wants a bet on the baby’s name then they will
have to be quick as surely even David Cameron will make a decision

Names suggested so far on this site include Tony, Benjamin, William, Ronald, Benito, James/Jamie, Jack, Gideon, Anthony, Mahatma, Alastair, Tom, Oliver and Webster (webcam for short) – although about half of them were nominated by namesakes! William Norton even came up with the term "Open-source Christening" as part of his political analysis:

""David" would be the safe option: but surely the Camerons need to take risks at this stage in the baptismal cycle?
"Tony" builds on the Heir To Blair theme, but can they afford to alienate traditionalists?
"Norman" would be a gracious olive branch, but would it raise fears of a reversion to a core vote strategy?
"Winston" plays to the anti-EPP Eurosceptics but won’t win friends in Curtisland.
"Kylie" is probably a shade too aggressive in its courting of metrosexual metropolitan liberal support."

Jackie Ashley recently wrote a column lamenting the rise of political betting, but it’s hopefully safe to say that this is one ‘political issue’ that the bookies will have no influence on.

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