Yougov_4If today’s YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph is to be believed the LibDems are in serious peril.

Anthony King writes the following in his analysis of the poll:

"More than one in three of those who voted Liberal Democrat in last year’s general election no longer support the party and a large majority of YouGov’s respondents believes that the party is no longer – if it ever was – a credible force.  To some extent, the Liberal Democrats’ problems are obviously their own fault. It would be astonishing if a party that within a few weeks lost its leader through alcoholism and its shadow home secretary through sexual impropriety – and then saw a prominent contender for the party leadership publicly contradict his own repeated denials of homosexuality – did not suffer a substantial loss of public esteem."

Professor King goes on to write that the LibDems’ biggest problem is the revival of the Tories.  "The Liberal Democrats thrive when both main parties are unpopular," he writes – "Their fortunes flag when either the Tories or Labour – or both – revive."

The glass-half-empty Conservatives will be disappointed that the collapse in LibDem support has largely boosted Labour despite Mr Cameron’s aggressive attempts to woo LibDems with pledges on the environment, poverty-fighting and civil liberties.  The glass-half-full Tories will know that this reduction in third party support – if sustained – will see a large swathe of LibDem seats return to the Tory fold at the next General Election.

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