The extent to which Britain’s economy is being ‘Europeanised’ by Gordon Brown is revealed in today’s Business:

"Britain’s tax burden will surge ahead of Germany’s for the first time in a generation this year. It signals the end of an era for the UK as it decisively turns its back on economic liberalism, a report reveals this weekend.  The news, which confirms that Chancellor Gordon Brown has Europeanised the British economy by stealth through a massive programme of extra public spending and higher taxes, was condemned by top City of London economists this weekend. They said higher taxes will lead to an inevitable collapse in Britain’s economic performance, a rise in unemployment and a decline in foreign direct investment."

UkipThe same Sunday newspaper reports that Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party is determined to fashion itself as the only UK party willing to offer an alternative to what it intends to label Westminster’s “social democratic consensus”.

The Business’ Fraser Nelson implies that UKIP intends to woo traditional Tories upset at Mr Cameron’s caution on both tax competitiveness and public service reform.  UKIP, which scored only 2.2% at last May’s General Election, may offer libertarian voters a flat tax and voucherised public services.

UKIP will probably struggle to win any council or Westminster parliamentary seats in Britain’s first-past-the-post system but they may attract more activists and their money through these tactics.